Goals Based Wealth Management

You want to do things, have enough, and know you'll be okay.

Rather than spending a wealth of time and effort in determining every last detail of your current spending we focus in on your dreams, aspirations and goals to assist in shaping your one and only best life, both now and for the future.  While understanding your spending and savings is important in the process, the monthly expense of your cable bill is generally not going to derail your financial future.

It's simply a process of establishing a range for the goals you have and then taking the time to determine how they need to be prioritized.  

Think back to the days of going to the park and getting on the seesaw (teeter-totter).  In our process the left side is an outcome labeled Ideal and on the right an outcome labeled Acceptable.  Our task is to find the right balance between the two while using your priorities to make adjustments.  While moving all your priorities to Ideal is unrealistic, and putting faith in the investing markets which are not controllable, the opposite effect is choosing only the Acceptable which leads to needless sacrifice.  Remember what was mentioned above, "your one and only best life."  

Life Changes, Goals Change, Markets Change.

To put it simply, Life Happens.

There is uncertainty in many areas of our life and most definitively it exists in the financial markets.

Unplanned expenses arise, markets don't perform a health event occurs, new advice will be be provided to achieve the aforementioned balance.  The opposite may occur with markets outperforming, an inheritance or an increase in salary.  In this event the advice might include saving less, spending more or expanding/adding goals to your plan or some combination across the entire plan.  Your life, your dreams and your priorities provide the steering for these decisions.

It's an advising process that's ongoing and based wholly on your life and dreams.  Throughout the design, implementation and monitoring of your goals based plan there are always levers (options) that can be pulled to bring your plan back into balance providing a high degree of confidence that it will be successful. 

 It's really nothing more than including your Life with Investing and then making the right choices between them.